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What do you do when you hate your job but you have two toddlers, a mortgage and no cash?  

First Real Art Job

When Peter started his job as an artist at the Phoenix Art Group, we were thrilled. He had just finished his Masters degree in Painting in Manhattan. I was a research assistant at a trading firm. We lived in Connecticut but wanted to get back to my native Arizona. 

The Sweet Life

It was the perfect thing. He gets to make art all day. I get to stay home with the baby. What more could we want?

Actually, Not Really

Fast-forward a few years and the itch to design his own work and be his own boss was intense. 

So we thought about going it alone in the art world for like a minute. Sounded like a good idea so he gave his notice. 

Armed with a cheap welder and a computer, we started an art business.  

Make a Little Cash

Peter taught himself to weld and made art in the garage. We sold the art to a few art wholesalers and locals. I started a home daycare caring for these little ones.  

Get Yourself Out There

The momentum started when we got some exposure doing our very first art show in Scottsdale. The show was 10am-6pm every day for three straight months. And when you're at a show selling art all day, then you're hustling at home making the art all night.

Get Busy

As things picked up, people started noticing the art (and the art got better), I got busy running the business and too busy to run the daycare.


Sarah and Peter Skidd

Keep Busy

Fast forward a decade and we're still at it. Clients come to us. We go to clients.  We never really seem to turn "art" off. We don't dread the work week. We create our own success. The harder we work, the more we stretch our capabilities, the more opportunities show themselves.

Work With the Best

We make art for everyone from the guy next door to designers, art consultants, galleries and hospitals under construction.  


Keep It Simple

We like that we've found our niche. We're a husband and wife micro-business bringing big, cool art to amazing spaces. 

Celebrate Success

We still do a happy dance with every sale! We're always building, learning, and scrambling to keep up with it all.

Thank You

Thank you for being here and joining in our journey and our passion for making spaces shine with art!

Sarah and Peter Skidd

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