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You've probably never noticed, but when you walk into a restaurant, hospital or office building, most of the wall art protrudes from the wall 4 inches or less. At least it should. 

ADA Art Rules

If the commercial or public building is in compliance with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design the wall art needs to protrude from the wall no more than 4 inches. Keep in mind, if the art has some kind of furniture in front of it, the rule doesn't apply. The 4-inch rule is only for walls where someone could brush against the art - like the guy in the drawing below.

ADA compliant art guidelines

What does that mean for the artist?  How does it affect the specifications an interior designer makes?

You Could Go With a Painting

Simply put, since a painting is rarely over 4 inches deep, a designer can easily chose a painting for a wall and be done with it. But what if the designer wants to place art that is a little more unique - something dimensional?  

We work with a lot of designers who are facing this exact issue. They want to create a gorgeous but usable space and they don't want to only use paintings.

Or Choose Something a Bit Cooler

Our answer is to offer ADA compliant wall art. Designers often specify a collection of our customizable 30-inch metal "bowls" because these wall sculptures are only 3.75 inches deep.

dimensional metal wall art under 4 inches

And a Whole Lot More Custom

Additionally, since we are the go-to art studio for custom art, interior designers often commission our other popular styles of art as well - but with the 4-inch specification. Peter designs and builds these wave pieces himself, so it's no problem to get custom sizes.

Commissioning ADA compliant wall art 

Ordering Custom Art

Ordering custom art is easy. Tell us what you want and we'll get you a price that includes shipping. When your commission is complete, we'll even send you a video of your art for approval. 

Who knew it would be so fun and easy to be a rule-follower?

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